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KYB SB101 – Strut Boot

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July 10, 2017
List Price
$ 17.50 

List price: $ 17.50

KYB SB101 - Strut Boot

FEATURED KYB SB101 – Strut Boot

  • Superior quality boot helps protect the strut shaft from leak-causing dirt and debris
  • Poly foam bumper prevents the strut from bottoming out
  • Built with design and quality that matches or exceeds OE
  • Protects the upper seal and bushing

KYB Strut Boot Kits keep your struts protected from dirt, dust, sand, salt and other road debris. These harmful elements cause abrasive wear to the polished shaft, upper seal & bushing. KYB Strut Boot Kits prevent these contaminants from entering the strut by covering the entire strut shaft in a highly durable plastic bellows. This can easily extend the life of the strut. The KYB Strut Boot Kit includes a poly foam travel-limiting bumper. It’s designed to protect the strut from bottoming out and protects other components from extreme movement damage.

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